What happened to Krypt Pad versions 1 through 9?

posted on 10/19/2016 7:07 AM by Eric Butler

A goof. That's what happened. Originally, Krypt Pad was in beta when I released it to the Windows App Store, but it took me several attempts to get the package to build correctly. Each failed attempt modified the version number, and to put it back where I wanted it, I had to go and manually edit it. Well, one of those times I made a mistake, and instead of the version number being, it ended up being Oops.

By the time I realized I messed it up, the app was already in the windows store. Figures. The one time I mess up the version number, the thing builds correctly and passes certification. Version 1 was planned for end of September, but I didn't get around to packaging it until mid October, but I was stuck. I couldn't go back to version because that would mess up the updates for the store. So, now I've renamed Krypt Pad Universal to something more like Krypt Pad 10, which is cool because this app is designed for Windows 10 devices. Serendipitous, I suppose.

Anyway, Krypt Pad is still internally referred to as version 1, but to the rest of the world, it's 10.

Hmm, what should I number version 1.1 as? 11 or 10.1? Decisions, decisions. If I'm not careful, it might end up version 110.

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